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Choosing a new and better date for Australia Day

Each year, it seems as if the conversation around changing the date of Australia Day becomes a little louder. For many people, Australia Day means two things: a long weekend and a celebration consisting of booze, a BBQ and soaking up the glorious summer weather. For Indigenous Australians, this is a day of mourning called Invasion Day. Seeing how this negatively affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders should be enough for white Australians to understand the importance of changing the date.

Electoral milestones for Indigenous Australians. Date, Milestone. , The Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, (Liberal Party of Australia) is appointed as.

Note: Individuals listed include those who have self-identified as Indigenous Australians, are recognised as Indigenous Australians by the relevant State Parliamentary Library, or are acknowledged as Indigenous Australians by their local community. The AEC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, culture and community.

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Evidence of first peoples

The date has long been a difficult symbol for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who see it as a day of sorrow and mourning. At least generations of these peoples had lived and died here. Europeans from the thirteenth century became interested in details from Asia about this land to the south.

New evidence found of the earliest indigenous occupation of Australia’s coast. Arnhem Land. Dating Australian Aboriginal rock art. Development of new.

The questions of when people first arrived in Australia and the nature of their dispersal across the continent are subjects of ongoing debate. A lack of ceramic artefacts and permanent structures has resulted in an apparent scarcity of dateable archaeological sites older than about 10, years, yet what evidence there is suggests occupation across much of the continent for 30, or more years. However, the Gunditjmara have lived in this area for much longer than this, and now, using a new volcanic activity dating technique and matching this with physical archaeological evidence and the rich oral traditions of the Gunditjmara people — we have confirmed human habitation in this region at least 34, years ago.

There is a need for independent age constraints to test some of the more controversial ages and add to the sparse age record. The oral traditions of Australian Aboriginal peoples have enabled perpetuation of ecological knowledge across many generations, providing a valuable resource of archaeological information. Some surviving traditions appear to reference geological events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and meteorite impacts, and it has been proposed that some of these traditions may have been transmitted for thousands of years.

Examples include oral traditions around the 7, year old Kinrara volcano in north Queensland , and a number of oral traditions implying much lower sea levels than present day and dramatic differences in vegetation reflecting cooler climates that existed thousands of years ago. The plains of western Victoria and south eastern South Australia are punctuated by a number of conspicuous small hills and remarkably circular lakes.

These striking features are the remnants of volcanoes that are geologically very young.

Australia: Stop locking up 10-year-olds in prison

Gene Lim does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Long criticised as racist , the filter also helped to create a culture where users were emboldened to express their racism. Alongside other dating apps, Grindr has a reputation for sexual racism — the exclusion of potential partners based on race.

Read more: Despite Indigenous deaths in custody since , no one has ever been convicted.

As part of our commitment to supporting indigenous candidates, if you identify as indigenous Australian and indicate this on your application form you will also.

There are comparatively high levels of Indigenous representation in Australian state and territory parliaments, but none in the current federal parliament. The proposed National Indigenous Representative Body is unlikely to change this situation. A possible response is to consider dedicated Indigenous representation in Parliament. This has been a feature of the New Zealand parliament for close to years, but in Australia it has remained a matter for discussion.

This paper:. Proposals for dedicated seats in Australia are subject to both compelling arguments and considerable obstacles.

Mud wasps used to date Australia’s aboriginal rock art

This act commenced the invasion by British colonisers of lands already owned across the continent. A continent that was home to over individual, sovereign nations, inter-connected by trade, sharing knowledge, cultural values and spirituality. It was a period of dispossession, oppression, acts of violence and the spread of disease. After all it was not until that all Australian States adopted the term Australian Day, it has only been celebrated officially as a national public holiday since , and numerous other dates have been celebrated in the past.

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the date is a reminder of the pain and suffering of their ancestors, the invasion of their lands and enormous loss of life in the Frontier Wars, the massacres, and the intergenerational trauma that comes with that history.

Despite overwhelming evidence from health experts, social workers, Indigenous leaders, legal experts and human rights organisations, Australian Governments.

Across Australia, children as young as 10 are charged, brought before a court, sentenced and locked up behind bars. Despite overwhelming evidence from health experts, social workers, Indigenous leaders, legal experts and human rights organisations, Australian Governments are choosing to lock up children as young as 10 — and ignoring tested community solutions that actually help kids.

Kids in prison are less likely to access what they need to grow up resilient, such as education, mentoring and community support. Health experts, social workers, Indigenous leaders and legal experts all have overwhelming evidence of the harm prison does — the very last thing we want for kids. Instead of putting kids this young behind bars, governments can fund Indigenous-led solutions and community programs which have better outcomes for children and communities.

Together we can make this happen. Will you add your name to our petition and call on all governments across Australia to raise the age kids can be locked up to at least 14 years old? At home In the world Our vision. Our history Our wins What are human rights? Our movement.

Blackfellas finding love: This dating page is connecting Indigenous singles

Upon seeing them and groaning, I explained my issue. But the problem with Australia Day is that it upsets a lot of people. So this date is very painful. Her answer is a product of the wonderful capacity of young minds to reduce apparently-complicated issues into very simple terms. Arriving at problems, baggage-less, as some children are lucky enough to do, has the advantage of clarity.

Dedicated Indigenous representation in the Australian Parliament. in ,[3] and the only other Indigenous federal representative to date has been Liberal.

Most Australians feel positively about Australia Day but most Indigenous Australians feel that it celebrates invasion and should be changed to a new date with a different name. That is the finding of a McNair yellowSquares national poll of 1, people conducted exclusively for Guardian Australia. Respondents were asked if they felt very positive, somewhat positive, indifferent, somewhat negative, very negative or if they had mixed feelings about Australia Day , which commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in what is now Sydney on 26 January When participants were invited to associate three words with Australia Day, Australians polled chose barbecue, celebration and holiday.

But, for Indigenous Australians, the three most chosen words were invasion, survival and murder. Fremantle wanted to hold the ceremonies on 28 January, which the council called One Day, out of respect for Indigenous Australians. A majority of Indigenous Australians polled believe the name should change. Topics Australia Day.


For many people, Australia Day is about celebrating the values, freedoms and pastimes of our country. Indigenous people may be just as proud of this country, but many see January 26th as a date signifying the beginning of dispossession, disease epidemics, frontier violence, destruction of culture, exploitation, abuse, separation of families and subjection to policies of extreme social control.

However, celebrating these things on the 26th January can divide us as Australians by marginalising and offending many Indigenous people who see this date as commencing a chain of events that had disastrous consequences for many Indigenous people. The negative effects of colonisation continue to have very real impact on the lives of many Indigenous Australians in the form of intergenerational trauma, generational poverty, health disparity, disconnection from culture, disappearance of language, family separation, social discrimination and more.

Aboriginal actor and writer, Nakkiah Lui, explains:. This is why, for us, Australia Day is a day of mourning.

Long ago, four giant beings arrived in southeast Australia. The dating method​—which relies on the well-established technique of measuring.

Three or four years ago, Fallon Gregory downloaded Tinder and matched with someone who was very complimentary — at first. While she was chatting with her match, she became a bit uneasy about how much he kept commenting on her appearance. It was the first time Ms Gregory remembers being racially discriminated against on a dating app. The second he found out about my heritage, he was gone. What Ms Gregory experienced was an example of sexual racism: a sexual or romantic bias against people based on their race, usually directed at people of colour.

Like many other Indigenous Australians, she’s also experienced racist abuse on dating apps, too. It’s believed sexual racism and general racism are linked. A Australian study showed of gay and bisexual men showed a close link between sexual racism and general racist views. The sexual racism that people from minority backgrounds face in online dating has been reported on extensively.

As far back as , OkCupid. There are even Twitter accounts like GrindrRacism that post examples of racism on dating apps. In some cases, this functionality is built into the application itself. Gay dating app Grindr has recently committed to removing a feature which allows people to filter out people based on their race — although it still hasn’t removed it in the month since the announcement.

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